Why IMAN Healthcare


The Right Solutions:

Iman has an in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry and offers a complete range of RCM and provider specific solutions. We understand healthcare!

Demonstrated Capability:

We believe that all the products and services we offer can be tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Iman is qualified and ready to deliver an integrated solution combining processes and technology our unique combination of healthcare experience and technologies makes us your ideal partner in outsourcing needs.

Qualified Resources:

The knowledge and skill of our management, operational and technical personnel are among the highest in the industry. We stand ready to fulfill any additional needs and volume spikes with similarly dedicated resources.

Focused and Relevant Experience:

We understand the complexities of the American Healthcare system. Majority of our senior operations team has had relevant experience in the Healthcare - payer and provider organizations. Unlike most of our competitors who cater to one part, we understand both technology and processes. We believe that our clients can best be served by teaming up with a knowledgeable “best shore” supplier who can appropriately manage all aspects of the engagement, and share the know-how of both worlds.

Operational Scalability:

We have the ability to scale our operations. Our workflow technologies and excess infrastructure capacity allows us to quickly grow and accommodate our clients needs without sacrificing any of our quality, accuracy and turnaround service level commitments. And finally, Iman has developed highly standardized processes and quality control mechanisms to provide the level of service our customers require.

Commitment to Customers:

Our customer references will confirm our commitment. Iman is a completely customer-driven company that meets and frequently exceeds the Service Level requirements of our agreements. We are flexible in our operating approach and highly sensitive to the financial needs of our customers. In fact, Iman has voluntarily reduced pricing for our customers when our operational improvements allowed it.

In conclusion, Iman believes in delivering value—not just a low price.