Marketing Strategy


IHS is a full service marketing consulting company that provides high-level business and /or marketing plans from development through project implementation. Our team has extensive experience in helping healthcare organizations, such as physician practices, billing companies, and medical supply companies, with identifying and developing growth opportunities and strategies from marketing, sales and operational planning, to assisting organizations with implementing plans and expanding their business

Our resources include:
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Web Development
  • SEO
  • Database Management/CRM
  • Market Research
  • Social Media Management
Initiating Growth Strategies

IHS professionals review in detail the organization痴 current strategic plan to identify where growth strategies should be initiated; From there we build a tactical plan that integrates the staff and service line efforts into the overall strategy. These plans may be built focused on the customer population or from the service line approach.

IHS contributes to the development of your Marketing and Sales plan that is aimed at improving your market share and enhancing revenue and profits. Our methodical and structured approach to development and implementation of the marketing plan is results driven and proven. Our process includes:

  • Market Assessment: Allows us to understand the Company, Customer and Competition. This also includes identifying potential growth opportunities.
  • Strategic Marketing: During this phase we identify and develop key branding initiatives which position the organization as a leader in the industry, then develop
    • Sales & Marketing Audit
    • Competitive Intelligence
    • Customer Insights
    • Specialized Research & Analysis
    • Feasibility Studies & Analysis
    • Value Proposition & Validation
    • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Development
  • Marketing Channels: Post analysis of sales and marketing audit, Competitive Intelligence and research. IHS then moves to the most critical stage of developing the marketing channels
  • Implementation: Our marketing experts and team of internal resources can assist you with implementation and execution of your marketing and sales plan.