Billing Employee Leasing


Revenue Cycle Management is the backbone of any practice. We understand your concern when you have to make a decision to trust a billing company to handle your billing services. Therefore we have developed different models to meet your needs. In today痴 healthcare market we all have to do more with less. The shrinking reimbursement from both commercial and government payers is putting a lot of pressure on physicians and small practices. There are only few areas of your practice where you can save significant money and ensure quality service.

Employee Lease Model:

Our Employee Lease Model allows us to provide experienced billing professionals who work remotely for your practice, on your billing system, working for you under your direction and supervision. You get dedicated and experienced staff that is trained in data entry, eligibility verification, coding, accounts receivable and much more. We are on your team but not on your payroll. This model allows you to save 50% on employee cost/benefits and 20% on operational expenses.

Outsource Model:

Under this traditional outsource model, your practice will outsource all billing aspects to IHS where, along with our offshore partner, we will fulfill our obligations and provide you with the same or better quality results. Our billing fee is very competitive and our service includes many features such as online reporting tools including productivity, payment graphs, billed vs. collected, and many more reports.

Regardless of the model, our staff is recruited through a rigorous selection process to ensure that they are highly qualified and experienced in all aspects of revenue cycle management. We provide a wide range of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services by leveraging people, processes and technology to provide operational and financial solutions to our clients. Our goal is to help you maximize reimbursement and reduce expenses.

Our expert and experienced staff can provide following services:
  • Eligibility & Benefits Verification
  • Medical Coding
  • Demo/Charge Capture and Payment Posting
  • Accounts Receivable Management services

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