Offshore Management Services Organization


Have you ever thought of having your own "Offshore Company"?

Increasing operational cost and healthcare reformare driving many organizations and executives to improve efficiency and decrease the operational expense. Outsourcing the revenue management (billing) has been the practice of healthcare for decades. In the past Healthcare practices had to address functions like transcription, medical billing and claims processing which consumed a lot of their time and resources. However, now by outsourcing these processes to external locations practices are able to focus on their primary concern - 'patient care'.

Many executives are now concerned about the quality of work that is being outsourced to the third party. Iman Healthcare Solutions assists such organizations create their own "Management Services Organization" offshore. This methodology provides control over the organization, cost, quality and staffing all the while lowering operational cost.

The Management Team of Iman Healthcare assists the organization in building their own offshore location, assists with operations and day-to-day management of the new entity.

BOT MODEL (Build, Operate, Transfer)

Build:Our experienced team sets up the offshore facility and infrastructure, recruits and trains the staff, and establishes knowledge transfer and operating guidelines.

Operate:Our Management Team manages the offshore organization for the client. This includes recruiting the management team for the offshore unit, on-going management of the newly created offshore unit, development, quality assurance and smooth day-to-day operations along with continuous coordination with the US team.

Transfer:IHS provides help and support to register a new India subsidiary for the client, transfer team and its sole management to the client, and handover the operations to the subsidiary after 12 to 18 months.